Start from Scratch: VR Development with Unity

You are passionate about Virtual Reality and want to become part of an industry with a skyrocketing growth potential? We got you covered. 



Once there was a kid, well, myself at the age of 25, who put on the HTC Vive for the very first time. I was amazed and just couldn't believe how easy it is to dive deep into an entirely different reality, far away from our everyday life within seconds. I knew I had to do something with this wonderful technology and luckily I met Dinesh, who will be your mentor as well, just two months after.

This guy just had the passion for creating and teaching what I was tempting for so desperately. He showed me step by step and laid the groundwork for my start in the immersive-tech industry. He had what it takes to make me understand how to approach the topic of Virtual Reality development, although I had never written a single line of code before. Three years later I'm working with what I love and what I'm truly convinced will change entertainment, education, actually everything that involves computers and screens.

So I thought if I could take the leap and learn how to make VR applications, so can you!

Over a year we developed a system to figure out how you can learn the easiest, most effective and above all: most fun way.

It doesn't matter if you are completely new to the topic of VR development, we will pick you up where you are and get you there step by step. Check out our VR course syllabus with all the details!

The Virtual,- Augmented-, and Mixed Reality industry is evolving super fast and is forecasted to be grown to a 215$ billion market by 2021. VR developer job searches went up 800% last year, and we believe this is just the beginning. If you want to be part of it, and take the right steps before this beautiful technology is hitting the mainstream, come on board and join us. Learn VR development at your own pace, right from your desk at home.


Here's What You Will Learn

Start learning to code for VR from scratch with the basics of Unity and C#, getting you ready for your first fully immersive VR game. Once you have a solid foundation continue working on more advanced Virtual Reality projects, which will focus more on movement, controls, menu building, animations, and a variety of skills that bring you closer to being a VR developer. Beside the course materials, videos, ebooks, an awesome community, and personal webinars we provide all the 3D and sound assets. So, no hidden cost to create your VR applications. Guarantee.



We build all upcoming courses on, what in our opinion is the best engine ever, so if you want to dive deeper into Augmented Reality or HoloLens development, you'll be prepared and make progress even faster.

Learn When And Where You Like

Take part in the VR courses at your own pace. You decide how fast you go through the lessons, if you want to re-watch certain parts, or if you even want to skip a lesson because you are a grandmaster already!

Be Part Of It

Probably your biggest advantage and perk is our active community. Learning is not just about the courses but about a place to ask questions, exchange ideas and develop something together.  

Early Adopter Special Offer

If you are curious and want to learn how to make VR applications, join our latest Early Adopter course program. We are constantly learning and developing ourselves, so from the very beginning, we came up with a unique offer. You get the Silver Package for VR development with Unity for a fraction of the cost. Get a 70% discount, and get the ADVANCED PACKAGE for only €97.

What we want in exchange is your feedback. Tell us what you think about the different VR course sections, and let us help you in webinars and Facebook groups, to become better and make the learning experience smoother!

As this is something special, we are limited to 50 licenses though; you better be quick!



97% You're almost there


Thanks a lot for showing interest in being part of the movement! Simply fill out the form to receive a mail containing the course syllabus with detailed, in-depth information about the program. Do you fancy diving into the world of Virtual Reality Development right away?

*Concerned about your data? No worries, this is just for us and won't be given to any third party. We only want to understand who you are, tailoring the courses even better to your needs!