Let's mix things up - Mixed Reality course with Microsoft HoloLens

If you already successfully mastered our VR course program, or you just believe more in enhancing the world around you with holograms - this one is for you.



Virtual Reality is terrific and was our first encounter with immersive technologies. But it was the Microsoft HoloLens that took our breath away when we tried it for the first time, around two years ago. Although there are a lot of fields to improve, like the FoV, it is an impressive first step and shows us in which direction we are heading with Mixed- and Augmented Reality.
Microsofts Augmented Reality (they call it Mixed Reality) is used mostly for industry rather than pure entertainment. It enhances you with visual superpowers, making it easier to understand, repair, video-conference, visualize, you-name-it, your surroundings.
That's why we build a full HoloLens with Unity course, to show you the way into HoloLens and MR programming. These are the first steps you can make at a super early point in time, with the first generation of hardware, which is out there right now.

If you think now, why would they focus on a device that's still in devkit status, think twice.
Mixed-, and Augmented Reality are here to stay, and right now is the best moment in time to acquire the knowledge and skill set to work with something everybody will be influenced in the near future.

Also, if you are looking for jobs as a Mixed Reality developer, it pays out to know how to create HoloLens experiences. The hardware is clearly focused on businesses - where does the money lie again?
If you want to understand and master HoloLens development, dive right into it!


Here's What You Will Learn

Start learning to code for Mixed Reality with the Microsoft HoloLens and Unity with almost no prior knowledge needed. That being said, we suggest taking some lessons about C# basics and VR development first, as it will simplify your life a lot! Check out our VR development with Unity program or even the free Google Cardboard course to get a feeling for the subject. Once you're through with it, let's enhance the world around you with holograms! Because if you had to break it down to a sentence, that's what you'll learn here.




Setting up the device can be already challenging. We guide you through the first steps to continue with basics like object interaction, bounding boxes, hand gestures, holographic menu systems, two hand interaction, and even advanced features like spatial understanding. 


The whole course content will be available after purchase. That means you decide if you allocate an hour per day to becoming a HoloLens developer, or if you want to study quicker. Make your progress at your speed. We believe in 2018 you should decide how, when, and where to learn.


One of your biggest advantages is the community feature. By taking the HoloLens course you'll be able to join the vivid and active community and become part of the uniVRsitas family. Exchange questions and creative ideas, with like-minded people to create something together.



97% You're almost there


Thanks a lot for showing interest in being part of the movement! Simply fill out the form to receive a mail containing the course syllabus with detailed, in-depth information about the program. Do you fancy diving into the world of Virtual Reality Development right away?

*Concerned about your data? No worries, this is just for us and won't be given to any third party. We only want to understand who you are, tailoring the courses even better to your needs!