First Steps: Start VR Development with GoogleCardboard

You are interested in VR development and our course program but want to have a closer look at it first? How about hours of free content and your first Cardboard VR app?



Everybody has to start somewhere. In the case of VR development, it is easiest to start with the most simple platform: Google Cardboard. It is just a 3-DOF (three-degrees-of-freedom) headset (actually a piece of cardboard and two lenses) and has limited input methods, but that makes it a great start to learning to develop for. Also, in case you don't already have some "Cardboard Hardware" laying around at home, it is very affordable to purchase. All powered by your smartphone - so jump right into it!

Here's What You Will Learn


This course program is a valuable (and pretty big) sneak-peek into your first steps, becoming a developer for Virtual Reality. Ideally, you made yourself familiar with some basics in C# and general programming fundamentals already, as we dive right into it. Still, it is a beginner friendly program, so there is no experience with VR or immersive technologies required.

As always, we also provide you with all the handmade 3D-assets and sounds, so you don't have to pay any hidden fees to build your first VR application.



Why should you sign up?

If you came all the way to this site, you are likely to be interested in how to learn VR development. That is why we spend over a year to develop a VR development with Unity program. Same time, we understood it is essential to give you more insights on how it is to be part of uniVRsitas. That's why we decided to offer you the first app of our "VR Development with Unity" course for free. That's a whopping seven hours of video content for free, so you can see if VR programming is the right thing for you - even before you spend a dime on it!


97% You're almost there


Thanks a lot for showing interest in being part of the movement! Simply fill out the form to receive a mail containing the course syllabus with detailed, in-depth information about the program. Do you fancy diving into the world of Virtual Reality Development right away?

*Concerned about your data? No worries, this is just for us and won't be given to any third party. We only want to understand who you are, tailoring the courses even better to your needs!